Who are we?

Birmingham Translations is a competent and well-known Interpreting and Translation Agency that has been offering a great variety of high quality interpreting and translation services for many years in Birmingham and across the UK.

We employ a large number of experienced and professional language experts — interpreters, translators, editors and proofreaders — who are familiar with their particular area of expertise, thus providing highly accurate interpreting and translation services. To se the list of our services, click here.

Our agency is a full member of Absolute Interpreting & Translations Group (AIT Group). AIT is a reliable group of translation companies providing services across the UK. As we part of AIT Group which is a full member of the Association of Translation Companies (ATC), one of the oldest organisations in the translation field, we do provide certified translations.

AIT Group is also registered under the Data Protection Act 1998.

Moreover, Birmingham Translations enjoys the international credentials and certification of the internationally recognised ISO 17100:2015 and ISO 9001-2015, meaning that we meet all requirements for translation services and quality management.

Birmingham Translations having all the necessary credentials, you can use our services with confidence.

It is worth mentioning that our interpreting and translation services can be provided in more than 250 languages! Punjabi, German, Russian, French, Vietnamese, Somali… even Edo! Just choose the language, and we will do the rest.

Where do we work?

Despite the name of our Agency, we do not only provide services in Birmingham. We also provide interpreters all across the UK and translations all over the world! You can call, email or send a fax, and Birmingham Translations will do its best to help you!

Why us?

At last, you are asking the most important question: Why Birmingham Translations?

Here is the answer: We provide rapid, professional and affordable services meeting the individual needs of each client, taking into account cultural and even religious differences.

Choose Birmingham Translations, and we will make you happy!

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us immediately for a free quote, or any other details concerning our interpreting and translations services.

Note: All statements and facts stated on this website fully refers to that of Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd which is the ultimate parent company.