Putting the customer first

Birmingham Translations is an Interpreting and Translation Agency with more than 15 years of experience in the field. Since the company’s launch, we have been providing all of our clients with high quality and timely services, ensuring the fulfillment of every need and requirement. Our clients are at the heart of our interests. That is why Birmingham Translations always tries its best to make its clients happy.

Moreover, we strongly believe that in a fast paced world like ours, every company should always set new goals; that’s the only way to improve and keep up. At Birmingham Translations, we do it by developing and improving our services as well as by training our translators, interpreters, proofreaders and cultural consultancy advisers in order to make all of our clients satisfied with the results.

In other words, our company is willing to provide any translation, interpreting or language support that you might need, and to help you overcome any possible problem connected with languages.

As we make a point of working for you rather than for ourselves, we can assure you that you will be glad you’ve chosen our agency! Birmingham Translations makes clients happy. And a happy client is our most treasured reward.

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Happy Clients all over the UK

Those who are currently using our company’s services are already aware of our professionalism, trustworthiness and competence. At the moment, we are cooperating with clients from Central Government, NHS, Councils, Solicitors, Housing Associations, Schools, Courts and private clients.

We are proud to work with those clients and we are looking forward to working with you as well and to see you join the list of our happy clients!

As you probably guessed, given that we work with both local and national organisations, we provide services not only in Birmingham, but also all across the UK! Therefore, we are committed to help you regardless of how far away you live from our head office. As our main goal is our client’s satisfaction, we work hard to make you — our client — happy.

Tell us what you think, your opinion matters to us!

As part of our developing process at Birmingham Translations, we are always grateful receive our client’s feedback concerning our company or services.

We encourage you to either call, send an e-mail, or come by to share any positive feedback, area of improvement or complain concerning our services. In this way you will help us improve our services so that our company can make you and our future clients happy.

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Feel free to contact us immediately for a free quote, or any other details concerning our interpreting and translations services.