Our culture is our Identity

Culture is a valuable asset that every nation has. It is our heritage and our distinctive feature, a gemstone that should be always taken care of. Our Cultural Consultancy Services were designed to this end.

As you may have noticed, in our globalised world people tend, for many reasons, to leave their country to live abroad more often. There are many reasons to move a different country for instance, to seek for better job opportunities, better life conditions, better climate conditions etc. However, it is only but natural that those people often eventually feel homesick, and thoughts their native country and their culture, their customs and their family will warm their heart throughout the cold winter nights, and give them inspiration and a ray of hope for a better future.

Our culture is our identity, we should be proud of the values it embodies and should not forget it. Birmingham Translations offers in this respect Cultural Consultancy Services in order to get an insight into other cultures and understand other people’s ways of thinking.

Why Cultural Consultancy is so important in business?

If you are not sure whether you need or not Cultural Consultancy Services, our company can explain you briefly why these services can be useful for you.

If you are planning to launch a business in another country, you should document yourself beforehand about the country and its people, about their traditions and lifestyle as well as their response to different types of issues. It is of a great importance as ignoring certain of the aforementioned aspects can cause harm to your society very quickly. At Birmingham Translations we want to help you! We will provide you with all the necessary information about the country you are interested in: its people and their culture, their religions and their respective languages, so that you can be confident that your business will adapt to the cultural needs of the country and will undoubtedly flourish.

The awareness of cultural differences is very important also during the international negotiations with business partners who are from other countries. In this case you should take into account the type of communication, style, negotiating attitude, form of agreement, etc. As cultural differences influence the people’s ways of thinking, their behaviour and their communication, it may largely affect the course of negotiations.

In addition, cultural consultancy service is very useful to organise international events, such as presentations, conferences, seminars, etc. But you can also require some information about the life in another country where you want to go and live, or about its language. In any case, we can be your ‘bank of information’ and will keep you well-informed!

At Birmingham Translations we understand that organising international events is not only about crossing borders, but also about crossing cultures. This is important, and we will help you in this matter with efficiency and responsiveness.

Professional Advisers

Our company employs experienced and professional cultural consultants who will give you all the necessary information concerning the country or language you are interested in. They will provide you with all the basic facts about the country, its people, culture, the most important issues to be taken into account and also with any other type of information that you will request. They will answer to all your questions! In addition, you will be trained on how to behave according to the other country’s standards! Don’t wait any longer, contact us and be one of our many satisfied customers!

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Written by Sigita Ernesta