Birmingham Translations is the leading Interpreting and Translation Company in Birmingham employing many experienced and certified interpreters and translators. Since the launch of the company, the managing team kept improving and developing its database of interpreters, adding more and more interpreters with a high level of specialised training and education. Therefore our company offers a large range of Interpreting Services in Birmingham and across the UK, in more than 265 languages:

  • Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting (including whispering and community interpreting)
  • BSL interpreting
  • Telephone interpreting
  • Video remote interpreting

What is the difference?

As an experienced translation and interpreting company, at Birmingham Translations we are aware that a lot of people do not know the difference between simultaneous interpreting and consecutive interpreting. In order to help you figuring out  what is the type of service that you are actually looking for, we will provide you with a short explanation of both those types of interpreting.

Simultaneous interpreting is a continuous oral translation of a spoken text, i.e. the interpreter interprets the message immediately while the speaker continuously speaks. It means that the speaker and the interpreter speak together. This type of interpreting is usually used in official conferences.

Consecutive interpreting is a fragmentary oral translation of a spoken text, i.e. the interpreter speaks when the speaker pauses. The speech is divided into segments, and during the speech the interpreter is taking notes that he will use for his interpreting after that the speaker has finished his segment. Once the interpreter has finished interpreting the segment, the speaker continues. This type of interpreting is perfect for business presentations, business meetings, seminars, and other public events.

Although the previously mentioned types of interpreting are the most popular ones, other types of interpreting are also provided by Birmingham Translations.

Whispering interpreting is a simultaneous interpreting that only the client can hear, hence the name of this type of interpreting. It is used only for a small number of people who are sitting or staying together.

Community interpreting is a variety of consecutive interpreting when the interpreter is fully involved in the dialogue or polylogue. The interpreter translates all the conversation between the clients from one language into another and vice versa.

British sign language (BSL) interpreting is an interpreting of conversation between the deaf and the hearing person face-to-face.

Telephone interpreting is a simultaneous or consecutive interpreting made on the phone.

Video remote interpreting is a BSL interpreting made via camera.

In all Situations

With more than 18 years of experience our company is able to provide you with all the aforementioned Interpreting Services in Birmingham and UK wide anytime and in all types of situations. These can be business meetings, medical appointments, social service visits, court hearings, conferences, interviews, etc. Our interpreters are trained and well-experienced; therefore they can deal with any type of situation, providing high quality of interpreting session. Moreover, you can be sure that our Interpreting Services in Birmingham are cost effective!

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