Different Countries, Different Rules

Birmingham Translations is aware that nowadays it is very popular among people to move and live in another country. Reasons of moving are usually connected with better job opportunities, lifestyle or climate conditions. However, living abroad can be tougher than expected. Different rules and specific regulations may need to be observed in different countries. Failure to conform to them may lead to some problems regarding legal issues.

As there are different situations determining the need for legal meetings, our company offers specific Legal Sector Interpreting Services in order to help foreigners in various countries to deal with their issues.

Legal Interpreting Services by Professionals

Our company is an experienced legal interpreting services provider which is able to deal with any kind of legal situation in a professional and rapid way. Our partnerships with courts, police, councils and other legal institutions, across not only the UK but other countries as well, accounts for the high quality and professionalism of our services. You can read our clients testimonials. Our Legal Interpreting Services are carried out by interpreters who usually work in a legal sector. They are skilled and highly educated professionals specifically trained to work in any of the legal establishments. Our interpreters are aware of legal terms, including jargon and professional slang; therefore you can rest assured that any interpreting session will be fulfilled with the utmost accuracy using the appropriate vocabulary.

In addition, all of our interpreters have signed a Confidentiality Agreement guaranteeing that any information shared during the interpreting session will remain confidential and will not be disclosed to any third party.

Affordable Prices in Any Language

If you are looking for a professional, yet cheap, service, our company is the right choice for your needs. We understand that legal proceedings may have a large impact on your budget, therefore we offer Legal Sector Interpreting Services at affordable prices.

The Right Solution for Your Legal Needs

Birmingham Translations provides legal interpreting services for many areas; therefore we will certainly find the right solution for your needs. We offer interpreting services in the following fields:

  • Court Hearings;
  • Witness Statements;
  • Solicitor Advice Sessions;
  • Other Types.

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Alternatively, if you have specific requirements, call us to 020 71019561 and our efficient booking team will find the best solution for you.

Written by Sigita Ernesta