Public Sector Refers to Everyone

In every country a number of organisations work for the government, such as police, NHS, schools, social organisations, fire fighter departments, etc. These organisations, along with the services they provide, form the public sector which is one of the main actors in every country’s economy. Our Public Sector Translation Services have been created for foreigners to deal with the English Public authorities in case of need.

Many of the previously mentioned organisations cooperate with each other in order to fulfil their job more effectively, and faster. As nowadays scores of foreigners move to the UK looking for better job opportunities or trying to improve their lifestyle abroad, an increasing necessity appears for different types of documents to be translated. Birmingham Translations constantly collaborates with all government organisations and provides them with Public Sector Translation Services, thus helping national organisations to deal with different situations and foreigners who are looking for a help in their native language.

Translators Working in Public Sector

Our company is aware that public services are more and more reliant on translation services as thousands of immigrants and foreign travellers are looking for a piece of advice or local support every day. Birmingham Translations, therefore, offers Public Sector Translation Services for every individual and any organisation who is in need for such services. We employ experienced and professional translators who are well-informed about the ongoing processes and the existing systems in the country.

So you can have no doubts that our translators will provide you with the best quality translations as fast as necessary. We provide translator who have working experience and qualifications in public sector and its fields. This guarantees that they are aware of the appropriate vocabulary and terminology and can find a solution for any problem that you face with your translation

Certified Translation Services

Our company covers many public sector fields and institutions, such as:

  • police;
  • prisons;
  • courts and city councils;
  • social field;
  • medical field;
  • education establishments;

 These fields can be easily reorganized into three main sectors:

  • Medical Sector;
  • Legal Sector;
  • Other Sectors.

As Medical Sector and Legal Sector are the main sectors we are dealing with, they are described in a more detailed way in appropriate sections of our website.

Medical Sector refers to the translation of medical reports, data sheets, clinical research, etc. whereas Legal Sector refers to translation of legal documents.

Finally, Other Sectors are connected with other fields, for instance, translation of educational paperwork, scientific researches, etc.

Reasonable Costs for All Types of Services

Even though we often deal with very important documents, you can have no worries about your expenses on these translations as we offer affordable translation services for everyone! Nonetheless, we guarantee you high quality translations which will meet all the requirements of our clients.

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