Transcription Services: Music or Medicine?

The term transcription will probably ring you a bell since it is used in many fields, such as medicine or music. However, transcription services are also frequently used in many translation and interpreting agencies as the transcription is connected to languages as well. If you need Transcription Services in Birmingham you don’t need to worry Birmingham Translation is the right place for you.

Transcription is the process of transcribing oral texts from audio or video materials into the written form (including the Braille language). In addition, the text can be translated into the necessary language(s).

Why may I need It?

Official speeches such as witness’ oral statement, oral testimony given in a court, interviews, conferences, or any other type of oral presentation is usually recorded, and a transcription of what has been said might be needed. Birmingham Translations can provide you with such service! Moreover, we can translate it for you into more than 265 languages! Just give us a call or e-mail us, and we will do it for you as rapidly as you need it!

Any format of file

Our experienced transcribers can work with several audio and video formats such as wav, mpeg, wma, mp3, and many others. You can also choose the easiest way for you to deliver the file to us – Indeed, you can either send it electronically (by e-mail or Skype) or use postal services. Alternatively, just bring the CD to our offices at 46, Hylton Street Birmingham.

Once the transcription, and possibly the translation, is done you can choose the most suitable format according to your needs:: Microsoft Word, Open Office,  Google Docs or RTF.

Bad Quality of Sound? Not a Problem!

Frequently, audio and video files have some defects, which compromise the sound quality; additional sounds, noises, speech rates of people, and even strong geographical accents may all cause difficulties to understand the record. Nevertheless our transcription experts are well-experienced and highly educated, to deal with almost any audio and video file!

However, we would highly appreciate it if you could provide us with the audio or video file as less damaged as possible.

Our Transcription Services

Birmingham Translations offers different Transcription Services in Birmingham and UK wide::

  • Transcription of the text into the same language.
  • Transcription of the text into another language(s) – the transcription of the original language is translated.
  • Transcription of the text into the same and another language(s) – you will have the transcription of the original speech as well as its translation into as many languages as you will need. We will also give you the transcription and its translation(s) in the necessary format (separately or in a two- or three-column format).

Double-checked transcriptions

Birmingham Translations applies strict quality checks to all transcription projects, providing high quality, accuracy and consistency as well as the same style. You can be sure that they are always double-checked before you receive them.

In addition, you can have a certainty that during the transcription process all of your documents will remain confidential and will be kept in a safe environment.