Building bridges across countries

Before using our Translation Services in Birmingham we would like to give you a brief description of how the translation process works, as it is one of the most important issues Birmingham Translations deals with.

Birmingham Translations does not just translate texts into different languages. It does a lot more than that! Our company is aware that a good translation is not just a word-for-word rendition of the meaning –between different languages but involves also a transfer of valuable information from one culture into another, taking into account many features and nuances such as: cultural, political, religious differences and so on.

Then, it is essential to be familiar with the target audience’s culture and beliefs. This is why, our company connects people from different cultures by building bridges across countries.

Professional and Certified Translations

Translation of texts in any format, in any field and in any of more than 265 languages – it is our job to be always ready for providing our services with you!

Birmingham Translations employs hundreds of professional and experienced translators who also hold certification for specific fields, such as medicine, law, finances, science, chemistry, education, IT, agronomy, literature, etc., guaranteeing that the translation will be made precisely using an appropriate lexicon. We strongly commit in assigning your translations only to the most suitable translators depending on the kind of document you will entrust us. In addition, our translators and editors work in tandem, thus ensuring the very best quality of translations.

Birmingham Translations,  Accredited Translation Company

As a part of Absolute Interpreting and Translation Ltd, our company is accredited by the Association of Translation Companies (ATC). It is also a member of European Union of Associations of Translation Companies (EU ATC), which means BTs meets all the required quality standards and credentials guaranteeing professional, high quality and, what is most important, certified translations if you have a necessity for a translation of a legal document.

UK wide accepted translations

Many official institutions of the United Kingdom require certified translations edited by professional translators. Birmingham Translations can provide you with certified translations.. The document will include all the necessary details of the translator’s credentials and confirmation that it is an accurate translation. Therefore you can be certain that translations of legal documents will be accepted by every legal institution.

Our Translation Services

As an experienced translation agency, we offer a wide variety of written Translation Services in Birmingham. They include translation of literary and journalistic texts, remaining faithful to the author’s style and writing technique , as well as translation of official documents, ensuring confidentiality and accuracy.

We offer translation of:

  • Official documents
  • Letters (also e-mails)
  • Passport/ID
  • Personal texts
  • Websites
  • Specific texts (technical, medical, etc.)
  • Video and audio materials

All of our translations are carefully checked before being delivered from a linguistic point of view in terms of terminology, structure and grammar. However, for Birmingham Translations every aspect counts, so we take care of layouts as well.

Cheap Last Minute Translation Services

If you are in a hurry, we can provide you also with a last minute translation service! In our company, words such as ‘a matter of urgency’ are part of our vocabulary; we are able to help you in any situation, even in the most urgent one! At the same time, you can have no doubt about the high quality of our translations as we always do our job accurately and with a high sense of responsibility.

In addition, we our Translation Services in Birmingham and UK wide are the most cost-effective so you can have no worries even if you need a translation of a large number of pages.

Contact Us

If you are interested in our translation services, do not hesitate and contact us immediately in order to get a free interpreting or translation quote, or any other details concerning our services.